Monday, October 15, 2018

Eagle Coach Training


Microsoft PowerPoint Many Waters District Eagle Coach Training - 2012 (945 KB)

This presentation will: 
  • Give the exact requirements for Active Tenure, Leadership, and Merit Badges.
  • Mention specific (intended) roles for Adult Leaders.
  • Illuminate the Approvals process, including the correct use of “Concept Approval.”Detail the "Project Proposal."
  • Give exact information for managing the Eagle Packet through the Eagle Board of Review.
  • Give basic information on the Eagle Court of Honor.
  • Give updated information on Special Needs Eagle Candidates.
  • Provide useful “background” information.
  • Show or list the correct forms and how to complete them.
This is not intended for presentation as a slide show (another document will fill that role). It does not replace any official BSA information. It is meant to be read on-screen or via printed copy. It is also not intended for the Scouts to read or use; they are given plenty of information in the workbook and other helper documents from the council.


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