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Order of the Arrow




Congratulations to our Many Waters 2016 Silver Beaver Recipients


Mitch Johnson

Associate Chapter Adviser

Steven Olson

Associate Chapter Adviser

Dave Oster

Associate Chapter Adviser

Michael Sieber

Brotherhood member


Layne Lodmell

"The Dumbest Chapter Adviser in the Lodge" 


**Chapter Events for 2017**


Chapter Conclave

  • Fall Conclave - September 22-24, 2017, Camp Ajawah, Linwood, Minnesota.

Vigil Conclave


  • Vigil Conclave - August 26-27, 2017, Stearns Scout Camp, Minnesota

Section Conclave

  • C1A Section Conclave - September 8-10, 2017, at Cuyuna Scout Camp, Cross Lake, Minnesota.

Kiwanis Spring Opener - April 27-28, 2018 at the Kiwanis Scout Camp. Co-hosted by Kaposia & Many Waters Chapters.



The Many Waters Order of the Arrow (OA) Chapter holds their chapter meetings the first Thursday of every month, September through May, from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. We meet at Faith Lutheran Church, Forest Lake, Minnesota.

All chapter OA members are invited to attend, especially the OA troop representative, who should always attend or send a representative so that their troop keeps informed about OA events within the chapter and the lodge. For the duties of the OA troop representative, see the information sheet below. It's the same time and same location as the district roundtable so ask your Scoutmaster or other adult leader for a ride.

Adobe Acrobat PDF File OA Troop Representative Duties information sheet

Adobe Acrobat PDF File OA Troop Representative Advisor

Arrowmen please visit the Lodge website and sign up for the official e-mail announcements: Totanhan Nakaha Lodge - Northern Star Council Order of the Arrow

If you have any questions about the chapter meetings or any other OA item, please contact Layne Lodmell, OA chapter advisor, at 651-429-9871.

Chapter Executive Committee 2015-2016

  • Tyler D., Troop 434, Chapter Chief 
  • Alexander W., Troop 494, Chapter Vice Chief 
  • Kieran McCloy, Troop 434, Vice Chief ~ Communications 
  • Michael Heinen, Troop 159, Vice Chief ~ Membership 
  • Josh B., Troop 733, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Jared C., Troop 212, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Samuel C., Troop 434, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Ian F., Troop 733, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Zachary J., Troop 103, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Raymond J., Troop 726, Vice Chief ~ Elections 
  • Jack M., Troop 433, Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • William M., Troop 232, Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • Casey M., Troop 434, Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • Wyatt N., Troop 494 Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • Steven P., Troop 733 Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • Jaryd S., Troop 402. Vice Chief ~ Elections
  • Josh B., Troop 733 Vice Chief ~ Ceremonies

Chapter Advisor: Layne Lodmell - 651-429-9871

Associate Chapter Advisors

  • Elections:  Scott Betlach
  • AOL & Blue and Gold Ceremonies: Stephen Clysdale
  • ACA Ceremony: Thomas Westad
  • Ceremonies: Trent Doering
  • Quartermaster: David Oster
  • Assistant Quartermaster: Ted Henrichs
  • Assistant Quartermaster: Shayne Lodmell
  • Medicine Man: Mitch Johnson
  • Grand Poobah: James LaTourneau, Jr.
  • Elongomat Master: Joshua Olson
  • Communications: Alexander Westad
  • Associate Chapter Advisor: Richard Hjelseth
  • Medicine Woman: Terri Pennison
  • Mister Everything: Steven Olson
  • Handyman: Dylan Wogenson


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